Unlinking Yahoo email from Verizon

Before I became a Verizon Customer I had a Yahoo account which I also used for Flickr.  When I signed up for Verizon I linked my old Yahoo account to my new Verizon account (I don't remember exactly how).

Now I don't use my old Yahoo email much any more, but continue to use Flickr, but have forgotten my password.  Any attempts to reset my Yahoo password land me on the Verizon home page after typing in the captcha, so there is no way I can reset my password for this "linked" account.

Not only that, but nowhere on the Verizon site once I am logged in does it have any record of these accounts being linked, so I have no way of unliking them that I can see.

Ideally I want to unlink these two accounts so they are independant again.  Failing that I would like to get a password reset on this linked account.

I have been going around and around in circels with web page redirects.  I have tried different browsers to see if that helped, and it didn't.

Does ANYONE know what on earth I can do - I am at the end of my rope with this.  I really need access to my Flickr account.

Any help would be welcomed!