Unsubscribe from Yahoo Mail/advertising and news overload

I have an elderly relative who uses webmail.  She has a Verizon DSL connection.  She opted in to Yahoo mail somehow.  Can anyone tell me how to un-do her yahoo election?  If we did somehow un-do our yahoo mail and revert to <whatever is the default> would the web landscape become less cluttered?  Honestly, she can barely access her actual mail because the DSL bandwidth is completely sucked up by all the other screen elements, adverts, and so on. 

Re: Unsubscribe from Yahoo Mail/advertising and news overload
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Sorry to hear about the problems with her email. Have you thought about setting her up with a mail client like Outlook Express, Windows live mail, etc? Should you still want to unlink the account, do these steps...

-Login to your account on Verizon.com

-In the red bar at the top click ACCOUNT then ACCOUNT PROFILE.

-Scroll all the way to the bottom and click CHANGE MY ONLINE EXPERIENCE under the "Online Experience" heading.

-Read the disclaimer and check all 3 boxes at the bottom