User Name and Password Sub Account

How do I find the user name and password for an existing Sub Account, or change it.  Trying to set up Email on Apple Iphone and don't know what the User Name and password are for the Sub Account.

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Log into the Master Account and visit your Verizon account page. You should be able to get the e-mail addresses or usernames of the sub accounts. The sub account e-mail address gives the username (without the typically). The password should be able to be reset through the master account, though that might have changed since I've not been in there for a while.

Re: User Name and Password Sub Account
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The username should be listed on the Primary under Sub Accounts. The password you will have to get reset through tech support unless you know the answer to the secret question that you set for the account.

Re: User Name and Password Sub Account

You can only view the sub account info from the master. 

The info that you can view is:

  1. The sub account user name
  2. The permissions for each sub account user (admin, tv or email access)
  3. Delete or Create Sub account users.

You can not change their passwords from the master account

and you can not view their emails from the master account

To change any passwords you have to log in as the user at or use the password reset tool at

If you can't use the online tools to do it, then Verizon Tech support can help you if you open a live chat, or call them at 800 VERIZON.  Live chat is available at the bottom of nearly every page and is a link called "contact us"   you click that, and it lets you talk with Verizon's agents