Using Eudora or Netscape7 for non-verizon email accounts with FIOS for access
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Since Verizon does not give tech support to 3rd party email clients, and using a non-Verizon email account creates additional problems, I decided to share what I learned the very hard way....certainly with no help whatever from Verizon tech support.

First of all, there may have been a time (a day, a month, some random nanosecond) when you had to change the port to 587 it is no longer the case.  Port 25 works just fine, and in fact 587 no longer works in most cases.  So ignore tech support's claim that all you have to do is change the port number to 587...don't do it.

And so long as you want to use a pop account other than verizon for your incoming email you will have to use what is referred to as SMTP Relay.  Verizon tech support will tell you that Verizon no longer supports SMTP Relay, and technically speaking that is true, but Verizon SMTP Relay is not what you need anyway.  What you need is to use the SMTP Relay facility of your Email Client, in my case Eudora and (for my wife) Netscape 7.

Now before you can actually do anything you will have to have a valid Verizon email account, even if you never plan to actually use your verizon email address.  That means before you can set up your email client you must have a verizon email address. The tech who installed my FIOS supposedly set up my computer, which meant I had internet access, but he didn't set up the verizon email address.  I wasted 2 days before this came to just make sure you have one before starting.

Netscape 7.0  has an email client my wife has used forever so I had to make it work for Verizon FIOS.  Fortunatly they have a built in SMTP Relay facility (although they never call it that).  You set up your pop (incoming) server the way you always have.  In my our email accounts are on Earthlink, so you use the earthlink POP server for your incoming email.  If you are switching from whatever you have to Verizon FIOS, you will already have that set up anyway.  But you will have to change the SMTP server address to    and you will have to click the box that says Use Authentication, with  User Name and Password.  You will put into the User Name your verizon email account except without the    And the first time you use this Client to send email it will ask your for your password (use your Verizon password) and you should check the box that says to remember this password.    This will make everything work fine.  You will see on the SMTP Server information page a box that allows you to fill in the port.  If you leave it blank it will use port 25.  If you put in another port number it has to be right, and what is the correct number keeps changing based on which verizon person you talk to.  I found that 25 works, although they say it won't, and that others don't work, although they say they will.

To Use Eudora (as i do)  first you have to be using the latest version 7.1 because it appears to be the first one that truely supports SMTP Relay. That's a free download if you don't have it.   Then you have to use multiple personalities.  Effectively you set up one personality (go to to tools and click on personalities) which is your normal email account (ie not your verizon one).  This is used for everything with the exception of the SMTP Server interaction.  YOu then set up a second personality which is for your Verizon email account. Be aware that you can still have that account use your normal email return address so folks who receive email from you can reply to your normal email address.  You can, independantly from that set up your incoming email pop account to be either your normal one or your verizon incoming email account (I do it the later way so I can receive something actually sent to my Verizon account, although I never give that out.  But now the important thing is that you set up your SMTP server to be  set up User Name to be your verizon email account but without the and click on Authentication Allowed and Use Relay Personality.  Don't click on Use submission port 587, like I said you want to use 25, but if verizon has changed that yet again no problem as you can set up the port to use independantly using the Tools/Options/Ports , and finally you go to the Tools/Options/SendingMail stuff and select the SMTP Relay Personality to be the one that is set up for the Verizon email account.  That means your client will operate using your primary personality for everything except the SMTP part and for that it will get all its parameters from the Relay Personality. 

This all worked.

Re: Using Eudora or Netscape7 for non-verizon email accounts with FIOS for access

I use Eudora a my email client and routinely receive both my Verizon and ATT emails. 

The last email I received  from my Verizon account was at 10:30pm on August 5.  I cannot send emails from Eudora at all either.

My Verizon DSL email account is active through Verizon-Florida at my home there.  I am currently at my Ohio home and the DSL account is with Frontier which purchased Verizon here in Ohio.

Does anyone know what might have happened to have resulted in my emails not being sent to or from my Eudora Client?

Re: Using Eudora or Netscape7 for non-verizon email accounts with FIOS for access

Thanks for this information. But on Friday March 8 it seems to have stopped working. When I try to send using Eudora I get an error message from Verizon saying there is an authentication error.

Any ideas how to get Verizon SMTP to work again for Eudora?