Using "affinity" e-mail address as sender

Good People:  when using Verzon's web-based e-mail client to compose e-mail, how would I go about replacing the default sending address ( with my 'affinity' address provided by my alma mater (in other words, which points to (all e-mail sent or received from that address is tied to this ISP-based account here at Verzon)?  Thanks.    - Ted

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Re: Using "affinity" e-mail address as sender
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I'm not entirely sure what you are wanting, but it *sounds* like you might be wanting to change your Reply To address. If this isn't the case, please restate your question. Changing your Reply To address will make your mail appear to come from the address you set. Any replies will be sent to the Reply To address, rather than your address.

To change your Reply To address from webmail, click on Settings near the top, then Email Settings on the Left, then Options in that list. The third blank field should be labelled Reply To address. Put your address in there and save the changes.