VERY delayed incoming emails

I cannot find any way to email FIOS support, and my problem is not suited to Chat. Do VZ agents participate here? If not, does anybody here know if VZ provides support via email?

Now, on to the actual problem...

I own my own domain name, and have for a very long time. I use it to accept emails and then forward them on to whatever my current email provider is. By doing this I don't need to tell people a new email address if I change providers.

I currently have my domain hosted by GoDaddy. Until recently there were no problems. Within the last few weeks I've noticed that many emails sent to my email address hosted at GoDaddy arrive in my mailbox very delayed or not at all.

Today I received a message that my wife had sent me 2 days ago. I analyzed the headers, and saw a 2 day gap between when the GoDaddy server received the email and when the VZ server received the forwarded message. I spent an hour in-chat with GoDaddy support and we determined that GoDaddy is forwarding the msg promptly (Added a GMail recipient to the list of forwarded recipients and the GMail acct received the msg immediately), and it appears that the delay is on the VZ side.

How can I report such a problem, and get VZ to notice and do something about this? I have no expectation a phone or chat agent will be qualified to understand this problem or resolve it.


Steve J.

Re: VERY delayed incoming emails
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Verizon does not offer tech support (or any other support, for that matter) via email. You will have to open a ticket either over the phone or via chat.