Valid Email Notification

I received a 2nd Notice - Action Required Now - Important Changes to Your email notice.  Is the following valid before I go and make changes?

Dear Valued Verizon Customer,


As a follow-up to the email we recently sent regarding the Verizon plan to phase out old settings used to send and receive emails through an alternate email application (for example Outlook Express®, MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail or via compatible cell phone and tablets), we wanted to remind you that it is critical that you make the setting changes below to avoid disruption to your service and to take advantage of the latest security functionality. After September 2013, Verizon will begin implementing changes that could cause a disruption to your service if you have not implemented the new settings.


We noticed that you still have not updated your devices to the new settings. To make sure you are able to continue to send and receive your email on all of your devices, you will need to modify the server settings (also knows as "POP" settings) on each device to match the new settings.   


Please update your POP email application’s inbound and outbound server settings as soon as possible to match the new settings below: 



Current Setting

New Setting

SSL Enabled


POP3 Server



SMTP Server




TIPS: Depending on your email application, you may need to turn off Secure Password Authentication and, if applicable, make sure your Authentication method is set to “Password” or “Normal password.” In addition, you may need to restart your device for these new settings to take effect and for your email to continue working properly.


Note – There are no setting changes when accessing email via myverizon/webmail.


If you need assistance in updating your settings, you may:

  • Go to for a guided setup
  • Use our In-Home Agent tool, if installed on your computer
  • Visit for a general overview and setup instructions
  • Visit our online forum at for additional information that may be available

If you want to verify the validity of this notification and the instructions contained here, please sign into your account and click on "Check Verizon Announcements" under the "I Want To..." menu bar.


Please take the necessary steps now to avoid interruption of your email service.


Thank you for being a valued Verizon customer. 




Your Verizon Team

Re: Valid Email Notification
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Yes, it's valid. (Unless you have a Yahoo partnered account.) There are several threads in the Email board about various settings, so if it doesn't work for any reason, try searching around there.

Re: Valid Email Notification

We do not understand what we have to do in regards to this e-mail