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Re: Verizon Asked Me To Change EMail Settings

I made the changes but now every time I check email it tells me the certificate cannot be trusted and I have to tell it to check my email anyway. Why is the certificate not valid?

Please get the certificate updated or tell me how to tell it it is trusted.


Re: Verizon Asked Me To Change EMail Settings
Enthusiast - Level 1

Eudora user here.  I went to the trouble to actually implementing the port settings they demanded in their email.  I can describe the result in 1 word: FAIL.

Apparently this is a case of bureaucratic inefficiency (as opposed to say pure incompetence).  

The answer right now is:  If you have been receiving emails, including the one that told you to change ports, ignore it.  Once they actually implement the change and your email stops working and starts tossing errors THEN is the time to try the port change.

To do that, as someone pointed out in a previous thread, you'll need to go into the Eudora folder, find a subfolder called 'extrastuff' and find a file called esoteric.epi.  Move this file to the root Eudora folder (just up one).  Close the Eudora app and re-open it.  Now when you look in Tools >> Options at the very bottom will be an icon for ports.  You can set values in there.

So here's a big high-five for an astonishing level of newbishness from Verizon.  Do you guys even HAVE a QA department?  If you do, maybe, just maybe, you should start listening to them rather than that marketing guys who can't distingish the power button from the reset.

Re: Verizon Asked Me To Change EMail Settings
Enthusiast - Level 1

I also have Eudora and, fortunately, I only changed the Port numbers for two of my accounts when I saw what was written "FAIL"... I then put it back as it was and my mail works fine. I've saved the information on what I need to do when things change. I am stunned to realize that Verizon (whom I once held in the very highest regard) to have had no where for me to ask why it didn't work, and then to be sending information that doesn't even take effect yet. This is extremely sad and also annoying to me.