Verizon-Authorized Spam
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I get so much spam on my email account.  Dr Oz.  He's there in my inbox every day.  I asked about this once before on this forum and got some dismissive responses that I believe came from Verizon employees.  So what's the story with spam, Verizon?  If you knowlingly allow it, please make that clear as a part of the DSL agreement.  If you've just got a really bad filter, well then fix that!

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Verizon will not answer you as this is a peer to peer forum.

They do have a spam filter at work (third party maintained at least at one time).  And it doesn't work similarly to what most of the simple rules you might put up.  And by the way you can add such rules yourself, e.g. flagging Dr.Oz.   THe bad news about their filtering is they miss a lot in an attempt to avoid false positives.

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Verizon's spam filters seem to be non exsistant.

I've been with them (verizon/bell atlantic/Nynex) since they first started in the email business and have never had any problem with spam until this year....

now it never stops.

Wake up Verizon

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I agree about their spam filter not working in the last several months. I have six other e-mail accounts between home and work and Verizon is the only one with a broken and/or pathetically weak spam filter.