Verizon Customer Service Security
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Verizon CSR's are not challenging callers with their security questions. 

Having been the target of numerous episodes of harassment (as well as some close friends of mine) whereby my email password has been changed by someone calling Verizon support and asking for a password reset, I feel the need to alert people to this situation.

If someone close (like an ex-wife or ex-husband) knows all of your personal information calls Verizon and the CSR does not challenge them by asking for your secret question, your accout can be compromised immediately.

It is not my intent to excoriate or target Verizon with this post - though I certainly hope someone reads this and takes notice about CSR practices.  Rather I am warning members and hoping that if others experience similar events, heightened awareness will cause a change in policy.

At no time should any call to a Verizon CSR that concerns someone's email account be handled with a cavalier attitude.  Though it may be a pain to go through (if you genuinely forget your password), having your account hacked a few times leaves you feeling completely hopeless and vulnerable.

I have been told that no one can change a password without answering the security question - but having had mine changed 4 times in 2 months by someone who is NOT me - well, I simply feel that more people need to know about this.

Bottom line - once you put yourself out in the "cloud" and live online some risks are inherent.  Also, Verizon is not solely responsible for your personal security - however they should have some obligation to challenge anyone who makes a call asking about any accout information or to change a password.  It's simply not acceptable in 2012 to not, upon receiving a call, immediately determine who it is they are talking to (verify the calling phone number, verify name, address, DOB, secret question) before making changes to any accounts.