Verizon Customer Service

Dear Verizon,

On May 2, 2015 I ordered additional service from Verizon. I added the High Speed Internet for $49 per month. The sales rep assured me that I a technician would be at my home on Tuesday May 5th between the hours of 8am and 12pm. On May 5th 2015 I spoke with six different Verizon representatives on May 5th 2015. One of them was a female name Noui she hung up on me. One representative Neo in Tech Support said that I needed to talk with a Sales Rep to get the order changed as the order is incorrect. Neo referred me to Ivan the Supervisor for Tech Support. Ivan sated that he has escalated my issue to the order department and they would be contacting me tomorrow May 6th 2015. Ivan also stated that I could not call the order department myself I will have to wait for them to call me because my order was not completed when it was taken on May 2 2015. Is this the way Verizon does business? I feel as though I been jumped by a gang of Verizon personnel that did not want to deal with my issue so they did and said anything just to get me off of their call. Not caring if my service was delivered in good faith. It has been the worst customer service experience.

P.S. After my experience today It's really difficult to understand that Verizon invests 8 weeks of training for its representatives.

Re: Verizon Customer Service
Customer Service Rep

That is definitely not the type of service that we expect for our customers to have before, during or after the installation.  We'd love the opportunity to help make this right but will need to gather some information.  To protect your security, we ask that you please send us a private message to start.  From there, we will chat with you privately and work to rectify this issue in a timely manner.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.