Verizon E-mail with IMAP settings
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I am very frustrated with Verizon e-mail services.  Why does verizon not support imap settings so that we can manage e-mails across a variety of devices using applications such as outlook and apple?  I am not sure if there is another solution other than imap, but I am very frustrated.  I am rethinking using verizon fios for my home service provider (bundled) for this reason.  It is very important to many customers who have smartphones, tablets, outlook, etc.  Your customer 'support' was unapologetic and unfriendly in the response to this question.  Please provide a response so that I can determine whether or not I will continue to use verizon.

Re: Verizon E-mail with IMAP settings
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Community Leader

It's pretty common for ISP e-mail to not support IMAP. The funny thing is, if you bundle your e-mail with another service such as Yahoo! or AOL (the Verizon address) you'll immediately gain IMAP support.

You and I are in the same boat when it comes down to asking the question of why only POP is supported.

Re: Verizon E-mail with IMAP settings
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This is ridiculous. It makes Verizon's mail service nigh unusable. That's why I've transitioned to a free email account. Heck, even the old email addresses supported the iMAP protocol. Little by little I'm moving anything with Verizon to my Outlook account.