Verizon Email Double Messages
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This week Verizon raised the cost of service $57 per month and now email is screwed up.  After the email outage the other day I have been receiving emails again.  This evening when I checked email via Outlook I find that Verizon is sending all of the email in my account to me AGAIN.  That's right, 8300+ emails in my inbox twice.  800+mb worth of email.  Customer service took 30 minutes to tell me that they caused the problem but they cannot fix it.  They suggested I call Microsoft.

Re: Verizon Email Double Messages
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You may want to try the program mentioned here : I also think the author's advise to backup before delete is prudent. Just make sure the tool is compatible with your version of Outlook

ODIR runs in all Outlook versions starting from Outlook 2000. ODIR does NOT run in 64 bit Office versions (no problem in Office 32 bit on Windows 64 bit). ODIR is not compatible yet with Outlook 2013!