Verizon Email never migrated to AOL. Verizon will not help. Frontier has no clue. AOL blames Verizon
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A Florida customer who had Verizon home service can no longer access their Verizon Email. After hours on the phone with Frontier, AOL and Verizon; the email account could not be retrieved. 

According to Frontier they do not offer email service to their customers.

According to AOL the account was not migrated.

According to Verizon The server was shut down on the 31st of May and there is no way to access the email through Web Mail, Yahoo, or Verizon Central. 

Even though Frontier has a help page on how to migrate the account bt loging in to . Verizon has already purged the account and it cannot be retrieved. Basically they are telling me you are not my customer anymore. While frontier and AOL says Verizon never migrated the account.