Verizon Error. That verizon will not fix.

Hello, my name is Philip. I am having a issue whit my parents email accounts. Do to my father did not want an email address when we first got the fios. Instead of making him the primary account. I created and email in my name as the master account. The issue is; that verizon will not switch the primary email address to my fathers new e-mail adderss. I know its a secondary account. but I not Longer live with my parents.

What happends is. Every time he logs into his account for email. he get my email address instead of his. Also when he forget his password to his email account. Then we have to call in to fix the password. because the automatic system mistakes my account for his account. therefor the password reset. does not work to his account to reset his account password. insteads resets my account password instead.

verizon, please fix this error and make my dad's email address as primary. I know its a secondary account. that i want primary and want to delete my old account email. Fix it, please

Thank you!!!

Re: Verizon Error. That verizon will not fix.
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You are talking to peers here.

I suggest you abandon your email and give it to your father.  Its almost impossible to get Verizon to change a primary id.