Verizon ( Email Migration


I have an issue with reobtaining my email after the migration period is over. I know that there were specific dates to migrate to AOL and unfortunately was unable to complete it at the required time because I was not aware. I was hoping I might be able to contact anyone who might have some sort of lead as to how to get back my old email of almost 20 years back.

I tried calling verizon today, only to get the redirect to frontier who only handles the internet/communications aspect of our old service. Then from there frontier told me to contact AOL who controlled the email database and then was sent back to verizon because the email was not linked anywhere and was not a email. Now I'm unable to contact a living person/representative of Verizon to get an answer to my problem.

Anything helps!

Re: Verizon ( Email Migration
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Hi Reclamation,

If you are unable to resolve this through AOL, you will need to escalate this with Frontier, as your account has been assumed by them.