Verizon Web Site Confusion
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have been trying to change the password on my email account for an hour.  I have ended up on the same page three times now, but it does not accept the password that I just used to sign on as the current password, so I can't do anything.

The web site is so littered with sales pitches that it is hard to keep track of what I am trying to do.  I can't tell for sure if I am in my email account, my FIOS account, or my wireless account.

I can understand ads when I am using a free service, but I pay Verizon for this and I expect to be able to do maintenance on my email account without being constantly steered toward some sales pitch.

Re: Verizon Web Site Confusion
Specialist - Level 2

The simplest way to fix your issue would be to contact verizon via the telephone. OR try this link and let us know, I also have had issues in the past reseting my password but this link has saved me :