Verizon Webmail Does not work

People have called me on the phone to ask why I haven't answered their emails. The reason is because I never have received them. I have called Verizon Support and have received zero help. I really don't expect an answer here as after looking at many of the forums it is clear Verizon has some problems.  - It is discouraging to pay for a service on time each month and not receive something as basic as email.  I cannot imagine I will ever call Verizon for help again. I have paid for their DSL for three years, never late. This is the worst company ever. I feel sorry for the poor Indian people who are Verizon's outsourced "support".  Some how I will get another ISP: and then it will give me great pleasure to disconnect and never send them another dime.  Oh, my, I just noticed I can use a check mark to be emailed if someone replies to this--LOL, I don't get emails LOL Woman LOL 

Re: Verizon Webmail Does not work
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Follow this link. Make sure to check the Inbox and Spam Detector Box for your e-mail. Send a test e-mail to make sure it is working.

Re: Verizon Webmail Does not work
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Are you not getting email at all? Do the senders get any kind of an error message? If you send a test message to yourself, does it go through?