Verizon Webmail Editing fails in IE9 - Cannot change Font or Character Size

I recently switched from IE8 to IE9, and now in Rich Text I cannot highlight and change Font family of Font Size.

The highlight disappears when I click one of the Font dropdowns, and the cursor jumps to the head of the message.

I can select a Font size and/or family, then position the cursor, then enter text, and it is the correct size and family,

but I cannot after that change it.  If I paste something into the message, I cannot change that.

This fails on two computers running WIN8-64bit and IE9.

It does not fail in Firefox.

Verizon says it is Microsoft's problem.  I think Verizon's webmail client provider needs to talk to MIcrosoft.

Does anyone have this configuration with this problem?

Does anyone have this configuration without this problem, and if so, any idea what to change?

Has anyone a solution to offer (except returning to IE8 where it worked)?