Verizon Yahoo Email Spam complaint

I have a verizon email account and it is through the Yahoo portal.  I have recently begun recieving a large amount of picture based spam. I have taken the time to mark these emails as spam.  The amount of messages is increasing.  This is extremely annoying because I recieve this mail on handheld devices and cannot filter them there. 

There seem to be several possiblities as to the cause of this issue:

1. Yahoo or Verizon are intentionally letting these through because they are being paid to disseminate them.

2. Their spam filters are no longer good enough to pick up obvious spam.

3. Yahoo or Verizon are just screwing with me because marking email as spam does nothing to reduce future spam.

I am certainly happy to be wrong if someone can point out a different possiblity or show me something I can do to alleviate the issue.

Also if this is not the place to post this then please inform me of where I should post or complain.

Thank you

Re: Verizon Yahoo Email Spam complaint
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All 3 of your assertions are incorrect. Those people sending the picture spam have found an innovative way to get past the spam filters. The biggest methodology for filtering spam is by keyword searches or exact sentence matches. When the spammer have no actual text and just a picture with the information, then there's no text for the email filter to scan. The filter only sees a picture and has no way of discerning the content. Always continue marking these emails as spam. Just because one or two people mark it as spam, it doesn't actually trigger change because that's just a few peoples word. If there's a lot of reports of spam from certain email addresses or servers, then that's when the email filters are adjusted.

Re: Verizon Yahoo Email Spam complaint

I also have a Yahoo!/Verizon email account and the same problem. I also could not filter this one type of HTML graphic spams. After a service call, then an email to then a call to a second rep. I explained that I had a second email that I didn't set up nor could I delete it. I fould thius out by checking the email header info of the spams. The rep said this second address is under the Verizon main account email (Which starts with vz something). I was told there should ony be one main email.

I was on with this rep for way over an hour. There was no way for him to delete this second address with out him going up a couple of levels and getting a tech to doing it on the server. They deleted the unwanted email address and that deactived the email that I use. I was told the server would take two hours to reset and the rep would call back. He didn't. I had to call back and after another "fix" it would take another couple of hours. That didn't work either so I called again and this "fix" was to be fixed by 2PM today (4/27/12). I just came home and it is still not fixed. But there was a recording on my phone when when came home to call Verizon for the next round.

But I feel the same as you. I also feel this was set up as a way to dump email ads in to my in box. Thses ads are for different products and services but have the same format.

So the ads could be from Verizon, or Yahoo, or their email system was hacked. I hope they can figure out how to fix this fast !