Verizon Yahoo mail problems

Not sure if anyone else experiences this, but I constantly get emails that say 'Something unexpected just happened. Please contact Verizon Yahoo! Customer Care if the problem persists. Error code: -99999' It always happens when I am trying to add, edit or delete contacts. To this point, I've just ignored it as an annoyance. However, I have recently realized that for the what I pay to Verizon monthly, things should just work. Can anyone tell me if the Verizon Yahoo mail is still in Beta or if what we're using is the final, stabilized version. Is anyone else experiencing the same? FYI, I use different browsers, primarily Chrome, but will also use Firefox and occasionally IE. Same thing happens in all browsers.

Re: Verizon Yahoo mail problems
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Verizon Yahoo utilizes the Yahoo front end for webmail, etc. Usually the problem that generates these errors codes is temporary and will resolve itself if you logout and log back in or simply try again in a couple of hours. If the problem happens everytime it will need to be investigated further.

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