Verizon email in Safari on Mac

When I try to login, I put in my username. It goes to the page for password but there is no security image. This just started happening today(2/19/17).

This is a problem using the Safari web browser. It seems to work ok on the Chrome browser.

Effectively this means I shouldn't log in using Safari since the image is part of Verizon's 2 step authentification process.

Might this problem be fixed jsut by cleaning up history in Safari? Any other ideas?

Re: Verizon email in Safari on Mac
Community Leader
Community Leader

I am answering you after signing in using Safari on my iPad.

Don't normally get on the Forums from my iPad.

PS: Forgot to mention that I did get the 2 step verification and I did see my Security image.

BTW this PS was written from my PC.

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