Verizon email is down, so is AOL migration site, AND Verizon not answering their phones

Wow, I don't know why I put up with Verizon.

Hours and hours of time wasted.   The transfer email had been autofiled, so I am now trying to get my email moved on the last day.

The website is not working, the I guess is only accessible from within the verizon site (which is NOT displaying the transfer option any more) AND the transfer options are not showing up when you log in to verizon (plus customer support was closed entirely yesterday)

Been on hold 27 minutes and chat doesn't seem to be available.

This is the VERY LAST TIME verizon will waste 3 hours of my time.


I have 6 phones with verizon (400/mo), one rental house with 8 boxes (350/mo) and our personal internet at 140/mo.

Cancellling all of them.