Verizon email sign-in

Suddenly I'm having to sign in with my username and password each time I access my email. I get a message that my session is timed out although I just got on. Before, I just clicked on my desktop icon and was taken to my inbox. Since I need to access my email dozens of times a day, this is proving to be a real inconvenience. I've tried deleting my cookies but to no avail. Anyone have a work-around? Thanks.

Re: Verizon email sign-in
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It seems that Verizon is making some changes, probably in the interest of security.  See this post for more info:

As for a work around, you could use a separate mail handler, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird,  etc.  I use Windows Live Mail and have it set to check for new messages every 3 minutes.  Since it signs on to the server each time it checks for new problem.