Verizon email
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I have the same problem with Verizon Email.  I had switched my internet plan and they told me I could keep my verizon email.  It worked OK for about a month and then I got a message from them that they suspended my email account.  Unknown to me for no reason at all.  I have been on the telephone for many many hours about 9 hrs altogether for the past 2 weeks, got switched to everyone and no one knew what I was talking about or could help me.  I am wits end and still cannot get into my email which is very important to me with a lot of info that I cannot get back.  I do not want to open a new account,  I want my old one back.  I had been a loyal costumer with them for 40 years and if they were the only ones with service I would go without.  Henryk

Re: Verizon email
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Call Tech support. sounds like you got a new account when you switched your internet plan. Tech support can move your old email account to your new service. You will have to verify you owned the old account.