Verizon needs its own browser
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Verizon needs to make a download for the computer like MSN Premium had,. So you can set the default e-mail and home page to Verizon 3.0 . I keep having problems staying logged on even though I check the box keep me logged in for 2 weeks. And my home page keeps going back to Verizon 2.0 which is a very poor page. I have had Tec support take over control of my computer several times , and make several changes,but the problem is still the same. The problem is not my computer, but it is with Verizon. The default e-mail for Windows 7 is Windows Live. They need to create their own browser.

Re: Verizon needs its own browser
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Be careful what you wish for.   They ruined a good email client by loading it up with useless fluff.

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Speak for yourself ... if Vz were to create and require the use of a custom browser -- I and most everyone I know would be immediately shopping for another provider.

Vz is an internet service provider ... the dialtone to the internet that the browser uses, so to speak.

The browser is simply a tool which uses that service -- and there are many varied browsers just as their are tools that people may want to use to complete a given task.

Requiring the use of a custom browser is like saying everyone must have the same model TV set or only use a certain style of telephone (oh wait ... Verizon tried that once upon a time long ago ...)

The problems you describe sure sound like local PC configuration issues to me --- perhaps something is erasing or clearing your cookie settings or reseting the home page settings on your local browser configuration.  With respect to mail, if you don't like the way the Vz interface works, then use Live Mail to access your Vz mail -- the Live Mail client has a simple POP mail interface which will interface with Vz mail servers -- I'm pretty sure there is a configuration walkthru I saw here recently on the right values to use when configuring it ... if not, ask and someone I'm sure will provide it.

Re: Verizon needs its own browser

Or if you really, really want to use a browser-based webmail client, maybe you should try Google Mail (Gmail) or some other webmail interface. I don't, I use Windows Live Mail on Windows 7, works great, I have it customized the way I like it, no issues. And honestly, I don't understand why anybody wants their email sitting in the cloud where someone else can lose it for you; I prefer to have it under my control, and if it gets lost it is my fault, nobody elses (but then again, I take regular backups of my Windows system so my risk of losing anything is pretty small).

And I agree with lasagna, I think the problems you are having are in your own PC: probably your browser settings and/or add-ons.

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Re: Verizon needs its own browser

I agree with the comments above, but perhaps this is what you would like. Email and Web at your TV? I believe someone tried Web TV and it did not go well. But this could be different.

Now if Verizon were to have a browser in the STB which is possible since it is Linux based. I would go for that, and a slide out keyboard on the remote, with a mouse that would move based on positioning of the remote. There are many open source browsers that could be used as a widget. Sell the remote as an option, but don't charge for the browser use. Verizon would have a feature that other providers don't. Now let's see if Verizon can do it before Tivo or someone else. I don't think anyone has it in a STB or DVR.

But this as an option. I thinks I will add it as an Idea.