Email Server Upgrades 2014 *Poor Inbound Speeds*
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I've been made aware that Verizon/Fios is upgrading email network equipment rather soon in 2014. Several sources are suggesting this however, no one has a date this might take place. As in the past, these announcements are a year or more away from actually taking place.

Any idea when and what speciafic improvements are taking place?  Specifically, email has been probably the least desireable email service since about middle 2012 yet paying customers who want to use their ISP email service are affected the most as a result of needed upgrades or poor planning. Most of the other no charge email services beat email hands down at least 100X faster when sending and when receiving emails that have any kind of baggage attached to them such as one email message that might be 15 MB in size and it's a single scanned .pdf document or .jpg. Those emails with and a 75 mbps Fios connection take 4 minutes to land on your customers computer.