Email Servers Don't Deliver
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Anyone agree their emails are not coming in at your rated line speed, such as 15/5 or 50/25?  Also, have you been experiencing failed logins more than three times per session?

Verizon webmail is currently throttled to only send or receive messages at 1.5 mbps. Anyone know how slow that is? And, if you use a client software such as outlook or windows live mail, the speeds are also throttled down. Mostly, I have been experiencing download speeds in the 400 kbps area during business hours and using outlook express, outlook and windows live mail software. The webmail site is limited too.

So, I ask this, what is the point in purchasing FIOS vs High Speed Internet if we can't get emails at our line speed?  This is global, all of my contacts who have Verizon for an ISP have the same concerns when using their Verizon email accounts.  Of course, this all changes when using a non Verizon email account such as live or hotmail, yahoo or gmail, msn and att etc.  Only Verizon is the slowest of all, really slow and it's deceptive to all customers.

What is the problem and when is this to be fixed?

Re: Email Servers Don't Deliver

I don't view slow email delivery as a particularly significant issue, I have FiOS 25/25 Internet for far more than email. But at times I too do wonder why receiving email is so slow when my browser, file transfers, etc., are so fast.

When I am at home connected directly to FiOS, my email always arrives slowly. I use Windows Live Mail, I have it set to check for new emails every 5 minutes, so it sort of happens in the background and thus it really doesn't matter to me how fast or slow it is. But why is it so slow? I have no idea, but see below....

Now, if I use a connection outside Verizon to access my email, it generally comes down very fast. For example, last week I was in Las Vegas for CES, and using the hotel's internet connection (not Verizon FiOS), my email came down very fast. I experience the same thing when I am at our lake house connected via a small local cable company. It seems to come down 10 times faster (or more) when I am not connected directly to the FiOS network than when I am. This tellls me it is probably not the email servers themselves, but something else inside the FiOS network, probably something local.

Where are you located (state, VHO, etc.)? I am in Texas, if you are also here maybe that would help pin it down. Do you have any experience accessing your Verizon email using a client from outside Verizon like I do?

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Re: Email Servers Don't Deliver

I have experienced this situation for the last 30-45 days.