Email Speeds Do Not Match FIOS Line Speeds
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In the past months since about September 2012, Verizon email servers are not moving data as fast as the line speeds customers are subscribing to.  Such as, Fios 15/5 mbps line speed package, using a browser and going to a speed test website, the results are equal to or better than 15/5. 


Except for when customers use the email accounts which come with the internet package. Those speeds have degraded, especially when moving from the old email servers to the new ones ( to  The overall speed with their email, via browser or software (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.) has dropped to as little as 1.0 mbps when obtaining email, especially those which have some payload such as a 6 MB .pdf, .jpg., .tiff, .zip, .rar and so forth.


What's fowl about this is, support folks have no access to the email network so they are unable to communicate to those running the email servers that customers are unhappy with the service.  Mostly, those who are new to Verizon Fios just continue to use their Gmail or Live accounts which just happen to work satisfactorily, speeds in the area of the above example, 15/5 mbps.


What's really bad about this is, upgrade to the Quantum Fios packages and guess what?  Email speeds don’t move an inch faster.  This means, the email network/servers with are speed regulated outside of the customers line speed connection.  Too bad, customers pay extra for more speed yet, email with Verizon remains at the slow pace. I have much issue with this since in the past, this had never been an issue.  Now that Verizon has Fiber, it is? It would be nice if they published this alongside of the many features that come with a Fios ISP account however, it is nowhere to be seen. 

This is obviously bait and switch service and features.

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