I did an update on my I phone and lost the use of my email acct, it wouldnt update and the error message said it couldn’t connect to the yahoo server. So how do I get my Verizon email acct back??? Also in trying to fix this I lost all my notes

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It appears that although Verizon is still just hiding the notice that "your email account is locked" somewhere in my profile, it claims that it abandoned Verizon email 4 or 5 years ago!  I sure don't remember seeing any such announcements, and although I only used it occasionally, I am sure I have received them since then.  I primarily needed it to keep my frustrating Verizon correspondence separate from my other emails.  So all of that is now lost to me. 

Even now, the profile lists what they must consider 'transient' emails, but they are from Verizon, to me on another email, and just copied into my profile temporarily (although one of three has been there for several months).

They claimed they dropped their email service because others were more competent, and agree they are so, but I presume they did so as a profit move, since that hasn't stopped them from selling other such services.