Verizon's Mail Server

All day Verizon's incoming mail server has been behaving poorly for me.

It either times out and is non-responsive.

Or it slowly downloads emails (around 1kb per VERY slowly).

I've checked my Outlook settings and changed the port numbers to Verizon's latest recommendations, but no improvement.

Many thanks.

Re: Verizon's Mail Server
Enthusiast - Level 3

I have the same complaints but since September 2012. That's when Vz's email servers crashed for a full day and never have been the same since. I have called, sent written letters to managers with no response, filed tech support issues at least 50 times and still, "Our email servers are running 100%" is the response being given by the highly protected and very distant from customers email server network groups.

I have asked for credit and received only three credits in the beginning but now they say, "there's no guarantee on speed so, if it works, we have to charge you".  My speeds average 200 kbps during a typical business day and outside those hours, speeds are limited to maybe 4 mbps. 

It's time for us customers to be heard and ask " How is it that your email isn't working yet you all tell us it is "?  Just read these forums. What else do you need? I'm a computer technician and Microsoft certified yet the problem with email is always my computer, my router or my network. Anything but Verizon, even after 5 months and all the other customers who are complaining of the same.