Verizon spam filter not working---how can I stop the massive influx of SPAM?

For more than 5 months I have tolerated the massive influx of Spam from my emial account.  I check my spam filter settings, my outlook junk mail settings, and even resorted to deleting spam one by one.  There has to be some solution to stopping this push of junk mail from the server to my inbox.  

Any ideas and suggestions?

Re: Verizon spam filter not working---how can I stop the massive influx of SPAM?

SPAM Detector tool - for incoming email only

What does SPAM DETECTOR tool do?

Your ability to communicate with family or friends can be hindered by unsolicited email or "spam". If you have your SPAM Detector ON, it will sift and catch unsolicited emails sent to your email account and either present them in the SPAM Detector folder or delete them. (Note: You can adjust your SPAM Detector settings in the Settings/Email Settings tab within Message Center.)

Furthermore, if there are emails you deem as SPAM, you can “Mark as SPAM” by selecting the email from your email inbox list view and select SPAM icon from top menu bar. It will put the email in your SPAM Detector folder and send an email to the VZ Abuse team and third party vendor to evaluate. If it is deemed SPAM, SPAM Detector definitions/rules will be updated.

Please note that marking email as SPAM does not add the email to the Blocked Senders list. Furthermore, SPAMMERs rarely use the same email address more than once to send SPAM.

With that said, You should start doing the following:

  • You- should start reporting the spam with a spam button in the webmail client
    For-ward spam emails that were not caught to
    Set your e-mail filter. An e-mail filter and spam blocking software are absolutely critical. Set these security measures to update automatically to ensure that you are protected from the latest threats.
    NEVER reply to spam. Replying to spam, even to "unsubscribe," could set you up for more spam.
    Protect your e-mail address and instant message ID. If you must post this information online, set up two identities, one for real use and one for online activities.
    Be wary of e-mail attachments. Change the settings on your e-mail program so that images and attachments are not opened automatically. Only open attachments from users known to you.
    Watch out for phishing scams. Don't click on links in e-mails or instant messages unless the sender is known to you. Instead, open a separate web browser and visit the site directly.
    Create smart and strong passwords. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
    Never enter your personal information in a pop-up window. You may not be able to tell when a scammer has hijacked a seemingly legitimate site.
    Don't fill out online surveys, or register for contests or fan clubs. These may be fronts for spammers trying to collect your e-mail address
Re: Verizon spam filter not working---how can I stop the massive influx of SPAM?