Verizon support for forwarding email questions

hi all,

I have been on the phone with Verizon Support for almost 5 hours today.  I have spoken with 18 different people on how to forward e-mail and it still does not work.  I am now being told a case will be opened and I should get an answer back in a few days.  I am ready to cancel my acocunt. 

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hi All,

I would like to foward all my verizon e-mail to another e-mail address.  I logged on to the web interface, when to e-mail settings, and forward e-mail.  I put in the new e-mail address and throught life was good.   I then found that I was missing e-mails.  a lot of them. 

I found out that most of my e-mailer is gettig the following getting the following message: 

Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed

Reason: SMTP data accept failure has occurred
Diagnostic code: smtp;550 5.7.1 SPF unauthorized mail is prohibited.

i have try many different e-mail accounts and all get the same. 

I have spent hours on the phone with Verizon and have gotten no where. 

has anyone else seen this problem?


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Hi William,

I could not agree more! I have never been able to receive emails to my sub accounts. Every time I called verizon I get a different 'Peggy' and have to explain the problem over and over again and they do the same thing over and over again. What is the definition of insanity? Call Verizon Tech Support an find out


There are so many reasons why Verizon sucks.  First their self-touting "up time" is an outright lie.  I cannot recall how many times I was unable to access my telephone or the internet.  Constantly going down for unbelievable reasons.  Of course they always say "it's your computer".  Ha.  Well every time it was the damed box they mounted on my garage wall.  Turns out it can only be corrected by someone from V. logging in and fixing it.  Meanwhile I have been unable to do anything for days.

I wanted a credit...lot's of luck.


My subscription, thank God, was finally due to expire on 8/23/2015.  During a Chat session two MONTHS before that expiration I notified their Rep that I was dumping them and would never, ever renew their lousy package.  I was paying $97 a month and they wanted to jump me to $128 a month!!!  This after dumping the only 2 channels I really watched.  Of course, there is never notification that they have dumped just says "You are not subscribed to this channel" and if you want it pay MORE.  Their competitor, TWC was offering a far better package with faster internet access and the two channels I like.  Further, their On Demand page offers many more channels than Verizon ever did.

I got my monthly billing, which is paid IN ADVANCE and covered to the end of August.  I had need to do a Chat session on 8/23/15 and during it I asked the Rep to make sure I was cancelled.  Well, turns out that dropping your "subscription" by not renewing is NOT the same as cancellking your "SERVICE"  Yes, indeed.  Try to find any way to cancel anything on their stupid web page.  Does NOT exist anywhere.  OF course you can add plenty of expensive packages till you run out of $$$, but actually end their pathetic service.  Nope.  He says to me, you can go to such and such and I stopped him immediately and said " I am not wasting another minute of my time with V and I demand you immediately stop, cancel, void any and all services.  Took him 15 minute to finally do that.  Then he informs me that there will be a balance due.  Huh???  I have already paid their bill to the end of the month. V owes ME money.  Now I get one of their stupid emails telling me I owe a negative $13.47.  In other words I am due a check in payment of my OVER payment.  Do you think I can go anywhere on their site and get them to send me a check?  Nope.  Real friendly people.  Now I need to return their equipment.  Look up two locations and drive to first.  Does not exist.  Drive to the next town to thei second their web page lists.  Closed, gone, evaporated.  Finally find that all equp can be shipped via a UPS affiliate.  But you need their box and label.  Requested same two weeks ago.  I am still sitting here.  After 30 days they charge hundreds of $$$.  Am I happy with these **bleep**?  Nope. Never.  Now they have filed a business plan with the State of Ca to dump all their FIOS and wireless services and sell to another company.  One can only hope the new one won't be as pathetic as Verizon is (or was).   Hope they go bankrupt.  The upper management should be fired for gross inanity and outright supidity.