Verizon tech support deleted our mail - MAC Mail Client.

My wife got a password invalid msg this morning when tring to get her mail.  She tried the password and it did not work.  She called verizon email support line.  A tech reset the password but it still did not work.  The tech them remotely controlled our MAC.  She recreated the mail account, not on the MAC but on as a "FIX".  We were able to get in but YEARS of emails are gone on the MAC MAIL client.  Then the tech hung up.  We called and got the supervisor and all they said was they are responsible for the mail on  I ask if they felt responsible for literally deleting my mail locally (or disabling access to it).  They told us to file a complaint.

Since this is POP, don't the files get copied to the MAC file system?  If so, they should be there still just not linked to this "new account", correct?.

I cannot believe that a pwd reset call turned into a tragedy like this.

Thanks in advance for any assitance.

Re: Verizon tech support deleted our mail - MAC Mail Client.
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Maybe you can setup Apple Mail again and get access to those old emails.