VerizonYahoo E-mail & Verizon Support

Recently, I contacted suooprt (Live Chat) re not receiving or sending e-mail in Outlook (Office 365).  I am using VerizonYahoo because my wife prefers it, though I use Outlook for more business functionality.  I chatted with a couple of Agents who could not fix the issue and was given a ticket ({edited for privacy}) and a Supervisor called back.  He could not get the e-mail to work either.  Then, I was put on hold while he contacted the "Agent who was responsible for the e-mail server".  When the Agent came back on the phone, he told me that "according to the Agent in charge of the e-mail server, one could no longer use VerizonYahoo with Outlook.  I took his word for it at the time.  However, as I thought about this, it seemed unlikely.  This was particularly questionable since I had been able to use Outlook until several days before.

When I had some time, I researched this with Yahoo and rechecked settings oin the e-mail account in Outlook.  Outlook works just fime with YahooVerizon Mail if you know how to set it up.  One part was a little tricky but I have been using Outlook via YahooVerizon for several weeks now without any problem.  I am not sure how many people are being give this incorrect information but it is clearly incorrect.  The combinaltion of Office 365 Outlook and YahooVerizon works just fine when properly set up.  NOte this has nothing to do with the old message from Verizon re using your full e-mail address when setting up a YahooVerizon account.  This was in place prior to the unfortunate experience with Verizon Suppoirt.  Everyone was quite polite, just not accurate with the information.