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the contempt with which Verizon regards and treats it customers- the hands that feed verizon - is absolutely shameful.

The customer needs an OPT OUT to the multiple-step, 3-page, rapid-repeating, involuntary 100% signout & log-in on EVERY USE of email..

Verizon needs to REMOVE ALL CODE from its email system that disables PASSWORD-SAVING applications software from functioning.

Verizon needs to provide simply the same level of function, and same number of steps for frequent users

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that gmail, yahoo, comcast, etc. already have - and which verizon DID have for years before this year.

Additionally, huge contempt by verizon is exemplified by the little message "we can't let you have the choice to stay signed in any more. ..we're having problems and apologize..."??? for indefinitely or permanently inconveniencing paying customers with a much lower level of service than is available for free elsewhere.  If necessary, just THROW AWAY the entire sign-in process and REPLACE it with the process of 1 year ago (at NO COST!), while ADDING the OPTIONAL choice for those who wish to use the alternative, GARBAGE system.

ALLOW customers who want the poor system to choose it.  They will be few, if any, and may include only persons who do large scale unsecured banking on verizon email.

Allow ME, and all the customers contributing here their free fault isolation services, to DUMP the 100% signout every time email is used, DUMP the "picture password", DUMP the 3 page log-in, the 100% repetition of security questions and the banishment of staying signed in.  Make all log-in fields & contents SAVABLE, and better yet, PROVIDE THE APP' with which to DO IT!

If you can't afford enough minimum-wage 3rd-world programmers to fix the problem, subcontract comcast to do it!

We customers selected fiber optics because it is a good data transport technology.  Verizon uses this costly infrastructure strictly for GARBAGE IN- GARBAGE OUT.  It is a shame on a technical level, and SHAMEFUL on a commercial, quality, customer-service and moral level.  It's contempt for the hand that feeds you!  The competition couldn't ask for more!

Re: Logging in every time I access my Mail
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Many people are asking why  Verizon doesn't go back to the previous "log in; stay logged in", but instead makes us log in every few minutes.

The answer is that they do not give a flying fig what we, the customers want.  If they can save a few minutes for their other sales pitches, it's to their advantage, not to ours,

How come Google email can stay logged in, as well as Yahoo?

Something wicked this way comes.

I already ditched Verizon cable years ago.  What incentive do I have to continue their email?

Re: Logging in every time I access my Mail
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Yes, the only reason not to QUIT verizon is the hardship, expense and inconvenience of changing email address.  That is all!

I wrote several long, constructive messages here, fully covering the issues of verizon's poor ethics, atrocious technical performance, and complete solutions to these problems.  In a past entry, I already pointed out it is almost shocking beyond belief that verizon spent the money for a fiber optic infrastructure and then goes out of its way to have absolutely NO customer service or technical support sufficient to even get their own applications software up to the routine performance levels of the FREE services online.  All we want, collectively, as PAYING customers, is the same capacity for login functionality that is currently available from hotmail, yahoo, comcast, etc..  This kind of tech support behind a fiber-optic infrastructure is like giving car keys to a cave man.  Perhaps verizon does not want to operate an email service, and WANTS all customers to use someplace else.  If they deliberately ruin the function of their email, without formal termination or removal of email services, then they can SAY they have what every competitor has, WITHOUT REALLY providing the service to their PAYING customers.  They BITE the hands that feed them, while PRETENDING to provide a service -they don't- on a level that's reasonable and routine for the competitors.

Dear Moderators, PLEASE forward ALL contents & messages of this entire thread to someone at verizon who has DECISION-MAKING DISCRETION, CAPACITY and AUTHORITY.!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you.  RISE TO THE OCCASION.

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Why do I continually have to log in to Verizon on the internet.  What happen to keep me logged in.  It is a realy pain hav ing to log in every time I want to check my email

keep me signed in --on email
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When will this be repaired --its over a week and is a real **bleep** --with all the techies at verizon surely someone can solve this quickly by now


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they must have **bleep** there,you would think it would be fixed by now.this is getting to be a real pian

Re: How to stay logged on to email longer
Keep me signed in
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.....hasn't worked for about a month. How embarassing that a company like Verizon can't even figure out something as easy as this.

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is it a software issue (and incompetence at this point) or a security change as posted in the lead in email?

If it is a security change, give us an opt out (or in).

If it a software problem, I'm concered that verizon can't fix a function that was working fine.

As stated many times by others, everytime my laptop goes to sleep I have to sign back in. Yet if I check my mail on my phone, no issues, never need to login.

Come on verizon. You USED to be better than this. I do not want to set up outlook, but it looks like I will have to.

Re: Logging in every time I access my Mail
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I would like to sign in everytime I want to get into my E-Mails!!  Do not not want to be blocked out, just because my computer is in another state other than where I orriginally pay the bill in Huntingdon Vally,PA 19006

@cmw wrote:

 It just started and I  do not like it.   It is annoying .   Ask me a security question every few weeks, but if I want to remain signed in, I should have that capability.  Did you ever think of asking your customers what they would like?   Why don't you spend the effort on Spam that keeps coming. How many email addressess do I have to block?