Warning to Mac Users
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have just been informed by Verizon that Mac users will not be able to have AOL as their email server. So I am being charged for mail hosting services and web hosting services and only receiving web hosting services. Verizon claims that the mail server service was a "free" service but we know that's **bleep**. I contracted to pay a certain amount of money and in exchange, receive certain services. Now they've removed half of what they provide to me and they think I will still continue to pay the whole amount? I'd sooner go back to dial-up.

Re: Warning to Mac Users
Enthusiast - Level 2

So sick of Verizon AOL problems.  Macbook and IMac user that made to switch and registered my domain (joeXXX@verizon.net) to use AOL server.  Everything worked for ~ 3weeks then BOOM last Sunday could not recieve or send mail using my Microsoft Outlook 365 mail client.  Verizon sends me to AOL, AOL says if webmail.aol.com works they don't support 3rd party apps like Outlook.  Contact Microsoft via chat and open a ticket but still no resolution, make an appointment with Apple store and magically when in the store on their WiFi everything works correctly.  Go to Starbucks on my way home and try connecting on WiFi again everything works properly.  How is this NOT a Verizon problem?  I then go to a neighbor who is a Fios customer and try and connect via their Fios WiFi router and can't.  I pay a boatload of money to Verizon for over 10 years and to suddendly say we don't support you go to AOL who is HORRIBLE is disappointing.  Glad Xfinity is in my area as I have configured a package with higher Internet download speed for less money and people you can actually reach out and touch.  They don't charge to get equipment as you can pick up in store and return in store.  Have exerienced a didn't recieve equipment charge (UPS showed they recieved it) and took 2 months to get credit.  They can charge me immediately for a change in service but 2 billing cycles to return my money...rip off.  Then the lack of hotspots for WiFi is appalling.  Sitting at airport and no access when my partners have Xfinity and just laugh at me.  What good is symetrical WiFi when you can't connect except through a webmail app that they monitize every view from aka AOL.  AOL support for what they tell us is now a free account is non existent with a human to talk to.  They are quick to tell you they have a premium support number that might be able to help but a pay service experience....really when you migrated me to AOL which I hated years ago and did not want now!  All that money for downgraded service and a lousy TV interface will have me changing providers next week.  You don't care about your customers and solving problems that YOU created.  I have spent more than 20 man hours researching and trying to solve this problem but you could care less V and won't admit that you CREATED it!!!  BYE Verizon!!!!!