Webmail Problems
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When I switched to Verizon about three weeks ago, I set up their "True-Switch" service to forward emails from my previous comcast accounts to the corresponding Verizon accounts.   Since then, no such forwarded emails have been received using my Eudora which downloads mail using the smtp servers.

Today I received a message from them that such forwarded mail would have been put into a folder labeled "comcast_mail", which I presume is on the webmail server and not getting collected to my computer using smtp.

My problem now is that I have been unable to access webmail for any of my email accounts.  I get to a screen that implies "check email", which then asks for a login.  I enter the account name and its password, but get a message that either name or password is wrong.  I KNOW that they are correct since I had just reset the password for that email account to make sure I had it right.

What do I need to do to access webmail?

Re: Webmail Problems

This issue may be internal, you may need to contact the FSC (Fiber Solutions Center) and advise the agent to contact the OSC department or e-Center. Good luck!