Webmail crashes my browser- very repeatable
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I mostly use my laptop WIndows XP, with IE 8.0.  Using rich text as the default.  

Happens all the time--  100% reproducible--

(i can reporduce it on multiple machines,  all using IE--  but I can't reproduce it on the one system I have access to with FireFox 14.0.1.)

Easiest way to reproduce it is when replying or forwarding a message- but I've also seen it when just composing from scratch.

I think the problem is caused by a situation where the message is formatted so that the enter key is formatting the message as Carraige return/Double Line Feed-- so that a space is inserted between paragraphs.  If you try to insert text in that "blank" line between the two paragraphs, webmail doesn't know how to handle that, and crashes.

When it does, it throws the error "internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close".  If you hit OK,  you're asked if you want to report the prolbem to Micorsoft, and then the tab closes and tries to recover, but fails.

It is easy to reproduce by replying  to a message, and trying to type in between the line with the date/sender of the original messgae, and the first line of thier message-- there's a couple of blank lines in between those two.    This is not the only way to trigger the problem,  but it is an easy one.

It really **bleep** me off when it happens--  usually before the auto-save of the draft has fired, so I lose my work. 

Does anyone else struggle with this? 

-Just yet another way the verizon webmail client blows..... 

Re: Webmail crashes my browser- very repeatable
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I am sorry to hear about the problems with the webmail. I have copied your post to our private support board so we can get more information. Please refer all correspondences to this new thread and discontinue posting on this one. Thank you.

Re: Webmail crashes my browser- very repeatable

You may have to do the microsoft fix it for IE. 


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Also what area are you in, my friend in texas has an issue with the vz site, different than yours.  I am in california, and have no issues with both IE and chrome. 

Re: Webmail crashes my browser- very repeatable
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Hi I got your form let me know if this is still an issue.  I checked with our web team and they are not seeing an issue.  It could be a cookie or browser setting causing it.

Thank you, 

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We have not received a response in reference to your issue. Please repost if you are still experiencing a problem. Tonya D.

Re: Status changed to: Resolved
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Ihave had this same problem for at least 3 years, on 4 different computers (Desktop and laptop) connected to home networks, and  work networks.  My wife also experiences it with her MAC using Safari.  We havent tried to duplicate it is Google chrome though.    This is a CHRONIC problem and it happens when you hit th eenter key to on an existign line to make room to type.