Website log in access and design questions
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You'd think for all the money Verizon has, for the size of my bills and for the all technology they have access to, that this website would perform flawlessly.  Here's some just a few examples of simple annoyances.

I have to log in every single time I access this site.  It doesn't even remember my user name but it does remember my password (so much for the pretense of security).  I prefer they remember both on this computer.

About 50% of the time, the website is down or I get an error message concerning HTTP, or I go in an endless loop as it tries to access my account.

It always tells me I have no new emails, when in reality I have dozens.

It is a very ugly design for a website.  Maybe for the mid-90s, this would have been considered cutting edge, but by today's standards it looks more like a website for my heating oil company then for a leader in communications. 

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