What do you think of Live Chat Agent Emil's Conduct?
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I have attached a transcript of a chat that I had a couple days ago with a Verizon Agent.  The chat was to help me resolve a password issue.  The e-mail account that I was asking about was a sub-account that was set up years ago for my daughter.  That's why a female name showed up on the chat even though I'm Elizabeth's father.  

The chat did resolve my issue.  However, I felt that a number of statements from the Agent were unusual at best and inappropriate at worst.  Some people probably will find nothing wrong with the Agent's behavior, but I do.  I'd appreciate feedback from the community.  What do you think about Emil's conduct?

 I have changed names, including that of the Agent, but for any Verizon representative who is monitoring this post, the chat ID number is accurate. 

{edited for privacy}

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Smiley Surprised  T.O.S. violation!  Paying customers are not

allowed to call-out moderators/chat or customer service by name

on the board. 


You can not display anything that is disruptive or anything that will

incite a riot.  This is a peer-to-peer board, where we all hold hands

and cry together for being deceived by a company who used to extend

decent service.


Yes, I used chat to reactivate my account that was erroneously deactivated.

Problem resolved (not as quicly as stated by chat) within a few hours.



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Probably edited because Verizon found the contents of the conversation to be embarrassing!