What is the limit for EMAIL FILTERS?
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At the beginning of my experience with VZ, I liked the idea of being able to filter my incoming emails, because it helped in putting information in place where I could find it. Through the years this feature has become less and less reliable, because it seems that some of the prior filters that I setup are no longer present? So I am now at the point of asking just how many filters I am allowed to have for this ISP? I have never received a notice of any kind that this type of change had been put into effect. If someone could answer this, it will sure help me in future usage and planning.

Thanks in advance . . .

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Re: What is the limit for EMAIL FILTERS?
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I have not heard or could find any documentation on the amount of filters you can have on your account. If the filters you have setup are not working, my suggestion would be to start by deleting and recreating them one by one.