Where's My Email Verizon?!?!

I swear I think I am going crazy.  Emails keep disappearing from my inbox. Email I KNOW I didn't delete and/or put in spam folder. At first I thought it was just me, maybe I accidentally put them in the trash or deleted them. It kept happening though w/ emails w/ important info from my job that i KNOW I would not delete b/c I needed the information.

This morning it was the email w/ the attachment w/ my daughter's camp physical forms. My daughter has a chronic skin condition, and the good people at the Dermotologist Association of America run a free summer camp for kids like her. I received the email w attachments to take to the doctor less than a week ago. Our Dr. appt is this morning. The EMAIL and ATTACHMENTS ARE GONE! Not in inbox, trash or spam.  I KNOW this is not my fault now, b/c I WOULD NEVER DELETE IMPORTANT PAPERS FOR MY KIDS!!! If my daughter misses going to camp bc her documentation did not come in time, I am going to serously consider SUING VERIZON!!!! Never mind the humiliation I have to deal w/ when I have to contact people, people I work w/ and say, "can you re send that email, my email server lost it from my inbox". Not exactly a job ENHANCER!!!!!

Re: Where's My Email Verizon?!?!
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Any time mail disappears from the server, there's a pretty good chance there's some device pulling it off. This can happen even without you intending it to. For example, the default Verizon setup for a long time (and possibly still) configured Outlook automatically unless you were paying attention and unchecked the box during the install.

The easiest way to fix it is to change your password. Once the device(s) can no longer authenticate, the disappearances should stop.