Where to report suspicious e-mail
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I received an e-mail at my verizon.net address that looks like a scam.  It contains an attachment that I don't trust.  Is there somewhere I can report this to Verizon so they can take more action to investigate this e-mail for malware.

I didn't download this e-mail or its attachment to my computer.  It's residing in the computer of the folks who provide my in box. 

Either Verizon or Yahoo should be able to take a look at it easily if they want to.  I'm not seeking help for myself.  I want to report this as a public service. 

There's always the chance that I'm falsely accusing someone who sent an innocuous e-mail.

Re: Where to report suspicious e-mail
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Forward it to abuse@verizon.net if you want it investigated.

Forward it to spamdetector.notcaught@verizon.net if you think it should have been blocked as spam.

Either way, you probably will not get a response.

If you want to test for malware locally, run a malware/virus/spyware scan on it with whatever security software you have available.