Why are my emails to my friends returned as Spam because they include the word PRAYER.

I have a Ministry that includes 150 people that joined my Ministry and I have been sending these people two emails per month for several years using Verizon email. Now all of a sudden all of my emails are being blocked by Verizon because they have determined these messages sent to people that have requested them, as Spam. Is this because they contain the word PRAYER.

I do not send SPAM!!

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I highly doubt that you are being flagged for spam because of the word "Prayer". Few things could be causing this. One, you could have sent to many emails in a 24 hours period so its blocked you, There is a limit or you get flagged for spam. Two, your inbox is full so nothing can be sent/recieved because there is no room for anything to go (all folder's count as storage, inbox, outbox,sent, etc.) check the cap at bottom left while in your webmail to see if you hit your quota. Three, your address may have been blacklisted for unforeseen reasons. I would definately give 1-800-verizon a call and let their specialist take a look to investigate the reported username that is beeing (blocked). Hope that helps a little bit. Sorry for the troubles that you are having.