Why are some of my in box messages missing?
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I had 2 email messages in my in box that I recieved over a month ago. They were still in the in box yesterday, but today they are gone. I didn't delete them. Where are they and how do I get them back? They are not in the trash. And about the trash folder, why are messages in the trash folder sorted by date revieved. They should be sorted by date deleted. If you delete a message you got a month ago, it won't even show in the trash folder.

Re: Why are some of my in box messages missing?
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Please check any other devices that you have your email programmed into. This would be any computer with an email client (outlook, Mac mail, etc) or any smartphone. There's a chance one of those had downloaded the email. You can control the retention ability on the website from the phone or email client. It can be set to delete the email from the website to be immediately, after a certain amount of days (or a month, or when its deleted from that email client/device.