Wonderful Verizon email
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I love my FIOS service.  My television picture is clear and I never lose service, my internet is fast, and my telephone service is great.  With all this wonderful technology why can't Verizon give me email service that does not have to be logged into 87 times a day, that does not open email when clicked on, gives me error messages when I try to send an email and various other aggravating issues.?

Logging in multiple times a day is not for security, that is **bleep**.  I hate my Verizon email.  It used to be perfectly fine email and then they started upgrading, every upgrade brought a new issue.  Will we ever have email that works like normal email?

Re: Wonderful Verizon email
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While I can understand your frustrations at needing to log in frequently through out the day, since webmail is accessible from any internet capable PC, even public ones, the time out is there to ensure if the interface is accidentally left open on , say , a library computer, it can't be tampered with. Based on your post it sounds like you check your mail frequently. We offer POP3 access to our servers which work with clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.  Since these programs hold onto your credentials and our server settings there is no time out. When you write the email it is done locally on your computer. When you hit send or receive, it connects to our servers, sends your email, receives any new, and then closes the connection. An added benefit is the ability to review old emails even if the internet is unavailable.

If you are interested the link below has instructions on how to setup a POP3 capable email client.


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