Worst customer service company

I was asked to update my e-mail settings and I use a mac, basic Apple mail. First I called, waited 20 minutes and then the guy told me he needed to transfer me, got cut off. Called back 25 minutes later I got a **bleep** who kept telling me to call Apple. I was just wanting a little help asking to make sure settings were correct. He transferred me to repairs who then put me on hold with there "Apple Dept". No on answered after 1 hr 15 min I hung up. Almost 2 hrs wasted and frustrated

All I got was inconsistent answers and 300 apology's.

Frankly, I may look for a provide other than them, I spend $200 plus per month and dread if I need help

This is not the first time, hard to believe a service provider could be this operationally dysfunctional

Very frustrating