Re: Worst email in the world
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I retract my last statement as the drop down menu now shows and works fine for me.

But I am still getting the deactivate message frequently.

Re: Worst email in the world

I agree with the comments that everytime Verizon "improves" the system, it gets worse. It is common that we have to "delete" unwanted emails two, three, and even four times before they are actually deleted.  Furthermore, the operation of the system is poor - difficult to search etc.

I wonder if the executives at Verizon use their own system.

Recently when I called to complain, the customer service representative hung up on me! I then wrote the CEO -{edited for privacy}, but have not had a satisfactory response. Someone from his office called when I was out. I have called her back twice, but she was not in and has not returned my phone calls despite my leaving messages.

My company provides customer service training and complaint resolution training for the restaurant industry. The folks at Verizon should attend this type of program!