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A few days ago I switched from Yahoo Mail Classic to Beta. Don't like it. I tried to convert back to Classic and I can't. Can someone please help me?

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Hey Cowboy Slim,

Sorry to hear that you do not like the new Yahoo! Beta and want to switch back to Classic. We've checked the Yahoo! website and can direct you to the following link:

The link will take you to the Yahoo! FAQ on the New Yahoo! Mail. There is a link to a special login that will revert you back to the Yahoo! classic design.

In addition to the actual link to switch back: , it also has links to tips on the features and functions of the new email client. They may be helpful in making the transition to the new Yahoo! a bit less painful.

Hope this helps!

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I recently upgraded to the Verizon Yahoo Beta Mail and it's the worst mistake I've made.  I constantly get error messages with code 999 that does not allow me to send, reply or forward email, or open emails. 

I would like to switch back to the Classic Mail, can this be done?

Frustrated NYCityGirl.